NEBDN Written and OSCE Exams

NEBDN Accreditation National Diploma in Dental Nursing Dental Tutors

NEBDN Accreditation National Diploma in Dental Nursing Dental Tutors

Exams can be stressful, but being prepared can help manage stress and allow you to perform to your best.

We offer unique NEBDN Written and OSCE Exams preparation packages containing:

  • Dental Tutors Revision Exam
  • NEBDN Mock Exam
  • Dental Nurses Level 3 Mock Exam
  • Dental Tutors Instruments Exam
  • Interactive Labelling Exercises
  • Live Zoom Sessions
  • Dental Treatment Animations
  • Microbiology Illustrations
  • Medical Emergencies Exam
  • X-Ray Exam
  • Video Recordings of our OSCE sessions

Study method:

  • Online via Dental Tutors website

These revision courses is designed for:

  • Students who have been unsuccessful in the examination
  • Students who have had a gap in their preparation for the exam
  • Those who feel they need some additional advice to achieve success

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Visual learning has been successfully used at Harvard University. It helps to memorise information much better than reading a textbook. We aim to cover the whole NEBDN dental nursing syllabus with animations and visual material created by our professional VFX team.

We are inspired by David Bolinsky. He is well known at Cambridge, Yale and Harvard Universities. Also, recognised for his award-winning medical illustrations and animations.

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