NEBDN Written and OSCE Exams

We offer unique NEBDN Written and OSCE Exams preparation packages containing:

  • Dental Tutors Revision Exam
  • NEBDN Mock Exam
  • Dental Nurses Level 3 Mock Exam
  • Dental Tutors Instruments Exam
  • Interactive Labelling Exercises
  • Dental Treatment Animations
  • Microbiology Illustrations
  • Medical Emergencies Exam
  • X-Ray Exam

Dental Nurses exams can be stressful, but being prepared can help manage stress and allow you to perform to your best.

    These revision courses are designed for:

    • Students who have been unsuccessful in the examination
    • Students who have had a gap in their preparation for the exam
    • Those who feel they need some additional advice to achieve success

    Study method:

    • Online via Dental Tutors website and Zoom

    We encourage students to test their knowledge on our FREE TRIAL

    Visual learning has been successfully used at Harvard University. It helps to memorise information much better than reading a textbook. We aim to cover the whole NEBDN dental nursing syllabus with animations and visual material created by our professional VFX team.

    We are inspired by David Bolinsky. He is well known at Cambridge, Yale and Harvard Universities. Also, recognised for his award-winning medical illustrations and animations.

    See our Written and OSCE Exams membership options below.


    NEBDN Dental Nursing Accreditation


    We have noticed that there is an increased number of students from the NEBDN accredited Dental Nursing courses who are looking for options to transfer to Dental Tutors.

    We are pleased to announce that you can now continue your NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing course as a Dental Tutors student for a monthly fee of £100 per month. This will grant you:

    • Full access to our NEBDN learning material via our Online Students Hub
    • Animated treatment videos and labelling exercises
    • Mock Exams with over 2000 questions
    • NEBDN Written Exam revision
    • NEBDN OSCE Exam revision
    • At least 3 live Zoom lessons per week with our tutors

    Requirements to transfer from another course provider:

    • Transfer is only available to students who failed their NEBDN Written or OSCE exam.
    • Ask your current course provider to complete a withdrawal form and submit it to the NEBDN. This must be done prior the transfer.
    • The monthly fee of £100 will be applied until you take the NEBDN OSCE exam.
    • The exam resit fee must be paid once the NEBDN sends an invoice to us (£125 for the NEBDN Written Exam, £300 for the NEBDN OSCE Exam).
    • RoE must be fully completed prior to transfer.

    Read more about: NEBDN Exam Information and Fees


    If you need to resit the NEBDN examination and wish to stay with your current course provider, then our Exam Preparation material might be exactly what you need. We offer different exam preparation subscriptions:

    • NEBDN Written Exam mock exams – £50 per month without a tutor or £100 per month with tutor
    • NEBDN OSCE Exam preparation – £100 per month without tutor or £200 per month with tutor

    More details about the Exam Preparation subscriptions below.


    Roisin Lally
    Roisin Lally
    22:06 19 Jul 21
    I'm delighted to have received my Diploma from NEBDN in Dental Nursing. I studied in Ireland and did a course with Dental Tutors in the uk to help prepare for my OSCE's. It was hugely beneficial and... I would encourage anyone wanting to increase their knowledge and prepare for the exams to do this course. The one I did was twice a week in the evening.The content was very accurate and the classes very enjoyable. The videos I had access to for procedures and instruments were very useful, the quizzes were too. I wish I joined it sooner (i only joined a few weeks before my online workbook and zoom call elements). They also had previous students on who had been through the exam process and Dentists on some calls. Their experience and knowledge really helped in preparing for the exams.I highly recommend this course. Aida was my tutor and she was so helpful, informative, encouraging and knowledgeable throughout. She took so much time to explain everything and I'm so glad I did the course. Thanks Aida and all the team from Dental Tutors!read more
    Dr.Subina Ali
    Dr.Subina Ali
    21:58 17 Jun 21
    Dental tutor provided me an excellent guide all the way through.they are the best.i really recommended them if anyone is looking for online dental nurse course.
    Miquelina lopes
    Miquelina lopes
    06:22 15 Jun 21
    I highly recommend this Provider - Dental Tutor. Their Team is extremely helpful, informative slides packs, mock exams and zoom meetings. I had initially enrolled with a different provider but turned... to Aida and team as I was not getting the support I required. Aida and her team provided enthusiastic professional support than my initial provider lacked.Highly recommended 💯🔝Aida you were inspirational informative calming - a BIG thank more
    Lucy Gomes
    Lucy Gomes
    19:46 03 Mar 21
    I would very highly recommend Dental Tutors to anyone wanting to complete their dental nursing exams. The team of Aida, Dr Praveen and Simas are extremely helpful and provide timely responses to any... questions you have. Although I had initially enrolled with a different provider, Aida and team provided me more support than my initial provider and I can confidently state that I don't think I would have passed my exams if it hadn't been for Aida and the team. Very highly more
    15:41 27 Feb 21
    Aida is very sweet, helpful and generous person. she always try her best to help students. I will highly recommend everyone. Thank you Again.
    Chandra Kunwar
    Chandra Kunwar
    06:04 27 Feb 21
    I am very pleased with all the members of the Dental tutors team. I had my best experience of learning here. Tutors, administrators as well as fellow students are really cooperative and interactive.... I highly recommend Dental Tutors those who wants to be a professional in more
    Iryna Pivtorak
    Iryna Pivtorak
    21:44 22 Feb 21
    I carefully selected and compared these courses with other course providers when I started here. I took the "Dental Tutors - dental nurse courses" and I am glad that I made the right choice. I had... enough material to gain knowledge and prepare for exams. Students can read or watch videos and very important that students can take online practice tests to help them prepare for exams. I had a lot of information and received regular assistance from the tutors. I am very grateful to them for their work and understanding. For the help in finding my job and other cases which happened during my studies.We went through this difficult time together.I highly recommend "Dental Tutors - dental nurse courses"read more
    Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams
    23:39 29 Jan 21
    Incredible dental school for nursesAyda is really kind and knowledgeableGreat support throughout Nebdn written exam and OsceHighly recommend this schoolSarah Cronin
    Ludmila Woolf
    Ludmila Woolf
    22:09 07 Nov 20
    I just completed revision program for dental nurse written exam and I found their resources extremely helpful, even exceeding stuff from usual Levison handbook .brilliant slides, mock exams and zoom... meetings. Communication from Aida very informative and encouraging.thank you dental more
    nirab dahal
    nirab dahal
    21:52 29 Oct 20
    Excellent Tutors so helpful any time they will help and very kind. I am so glad to join Dental Tutors.I highly recommend this course with DENTAL TUTORS 😊😊😊( NIRMALA)
    Katherine Uhunmwangho
    Katherine Uhunmwangho
    15:46 26 Oct 20
    An amazing staff and detailed explanation of everything, anyone wishing to join Dental Tutors will not be disappointed, as Aida and Simas are a really excellent and professional teachers, there are... no other companies and trainers as these two, who respond to any questions one has immediately and with so much care. Amazing tutors to be with and no regrets. If could give 10* or more
    15:43 02 Jul 20
    I'm very happy to study with this Dental Tutors. Staff are very kind and dedicated professionals. I highly recommend this course.
    Gabija Balevičiūtė
    Gabija Balevičiūtė
    10:25 02 Jul 20
    I am very happy that I chose Dental Tutors. Team is amazing and very devoted to what they are doing! Attentitive to details and always ask our opinion of what can be promoted in this course. And they... really listen our advices which helps to improve it! Thank you and keep it up! 👌❤️read more
    Jolita Jureviciute
    Jolita Jureviciute
    17:47 27 Jan 20
    Perfect team and amazing course. I am very happy that I chose this course
    Simona R.
    Simona R.
    22:02 12 Sep 19
    I am happy that I chose to study with Dental Tutors. Very supportive team. They just released mock exams which are very helpful for me to get ready for the final exam!! 5 stars!! 🙂
    World of Kings
    World of Kings
    20:21 10 Sep 19
    Stunning location at University of Greenwich!! Really supportive team and they provide very useful and helpful visual animations to help students better understand dental treatments.
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