National Diploma in Dental Nursing – Online Dental Nurse Course


The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing is a General Dental Council (GDC) recognised dental nursing qualification that covers all outcomes described within the GDC Preparing to Practice document.

National Diploma course start date: Join our online dental nurse course anytime and start learning the same day.

Who’s it for: Adult Learners (16+).

Course duration: 12-18 months.

Study method:
Online or remotely via Zoom, WhatsApp and our Online Students Hub.

Course fee: £1,800 (excluding NEBDN examination fees). This can be paid monthly at £150 per month.

Exam fee: £510, not included in the course price. This fee must be paid in full once you start working as a trainee dental nurse. This will also grant you access to the eRoE and the ability to complete your practical assignments. NEBDN Exam Information

Exam dates: November (written exam) and January (OSCE exam), or April (written exam) and June (OSCE exam). Students must complete a minimum of a 12-month course before they can take the exam.

Finance: You can choose to pay monthly.

National Diploma Lessons: The main lessons are running every Saturday 09:00 AM-11:00 AM. All Saturday lessons are recorded and stored on our Student Hub. This is extremely convenient, as most of the students work on Saturdays or have other commitments.

Exam preparation lessons: Theory and practical exam preparation sessions are running Monday-Friday at 19:00. Our tutor also provides guidance on how to complete the Records of Experience (RoE). One-to-one classes are also available on demand. 

Work placement: We have a large network of dental clinics in the UK, and we will assist and guide our dental nurse students on how to secure a placement as trainee dental nurses. However, it is also the student’s responsibility to find the placements themselves.

Awarding body: National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN).

General Dental Council (GDC): Upon completing the course and passing both dental nurse exams, students will receive the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing and will be able to register with the GDC, allowing them to work as qualified dental nurses anywhere in the UK.

NEBDN National Diploma Course Syllabus: Full version of the NEBDN National Diploma syllabus.

Requirements: You do not need any specific academic qualifications to begin studying and working as a trainee dental nurse. As soon as you start the course, we will provide you with an enrolment letter that can be used to apply for trainee jobs. We prefer students to have good written and verbal skills in the English language. Your general suitability for work is also important.

A dental nurse should possess certain personal qualities, such as:

  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure.
  • A pleasant and caring disposition.
  • Excellent attendance, timekeeping, and punctuality.
  • The ability to work as part of a team.
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By enrolling in our online dental nurse course, students will have to work as trainee dental nurses for the duration of the course. We have a huge network of over 2400 dental clinics in the UK that we contact regularly for trainee dental nurse placements, and we help our students find placements.

While training as dental nurses, students will complete the Records of Experience (RoE) and prepare for theory and practical exams. If they pass both exams successfully, they will receive their NEBDN qualification and the General Dental Council (GDC) number once they complete the course and pass the dental nursing exams, allowing them to work as a qualified dental nurse anywhere in the UK.


      We have noticed that there is an increased number of students from the NEBDN-accredited dental nursing courses who are looking for options to transfer to Dental Tutors.

      We are pleased to announce that you can now continue your NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing course as a Dental Tutors student for a monthly fee of £150 per month. This will grant you:

      • Student support.
      • Full access to our NEBDN learning material via our Online Students Hub.
      • Lesson recordings for the entire syllabus.
      • Animated treatment videos and labelling exercises.
      • Mock exams with over 2000 questions.
      • NEBDN Written Exam revision.
      • NEBDN OSCE Exam revision.
      • At least 3 live Zoom lessons per week with our tutors.

      More information about transferring to Dental Tutors.


      If you need to resit the NEBDN National Diploma examination and wish to stay with your current course provider, then our exam preparation material might be exactly what you need. We offer different exam preparation subscriptions:

      • NEBDN Written Exam mock exams: £100 per month (self-study), or £200 per month (with a tutor).
      • NEBDN OSCE Exam preparation: £100 per month (self-study), or £200 per month (with a tutor).

      You can find more details on our exam preparation page.


      JYOTHSNA Sunnapurallapalli
      JYOTHSNA Sunnapurallapalli
      20:15 01 Aug 22
      Aida has given excellent guidance all way through. She is very lovely, Kind, down-to-earth, and has tons of patience to explain every aspect of the subject. The resources are extremely helpful slides, videos, mock exams, and zoom meetings I highly recommend studying with Dental Tutors.
      07:19 31 Jul 22
      Dental tutor is the best option for whom want to have a fully support to pass their dental nurse exam. Specially Aida she is amazing tutor. She put all effort and worked so hard supply us with all support materials to make sure we understood well before she goes to the next topic . She is happy to... reply and answer our questions any time 24 hours a day. Provide us with good advice on how to pass the exam. I did pass both my written and OSCE exam from first time with Dental Tutors . I highly recommend Aida she is perfect xxxread more
      Anna M
      Anna M
      18:50 30 Jul 22
      I can not thank you my Tutor Aida enough. She is absolutely brilliant! She is a very thoughtful Tutor who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging her students to try. I would... highly recommend Dental Tutors if you want to pass your exams. I have very bad experience with other college who just collected money from me and gave me 0 Knowledge. If I wouldn't try Dental Tutors I wouldn't become a dental nurse and I wouldn't be even thinking to continue studying. I passed my exams, Thank you very much!!! All team are amazing supporting . Massive Thank you Dr.Pragati for informative Module lessons for our Saturday lessons !read more
      Tatyana S
      Tatyana S
      20:54 29 Jul 22
      I can't be more grateful to Aida and all the other tutors, they gave me so much knowledge, i couldn't pass exams without them. I'm qualified dental nurse now and I'm so proud.Our lessons were so interesting and understanding, nothing never been a problem, always all the tutors explained over and... over again if someone didn't understand something. We had incredible support all the time. Absolutely amazing college. Thank you so more
      Silpa Mahe
      Silpa Mahe
      11:07 28 Jul 22
      Thanks a ton Aida for your support to achieve this in the very first time itself.Your evening classes and revision classes especially during exam time s were really helpful.I would like to thank all my tutors,Aida and simas for my achievement.
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      Become a Qualified Dental Nurse


      Once you become a Qualified Dental Nurse we can help you to progress within dental nursing, enabling completion of Post-Registration courses such as:

      • Radiography
      • Oral Health Education
      • Sedation Nursing
      • Implant Nursing
      • Orthodontic Nursing
      • Fluoride Application


      Candidates may also progress into other roles of dentistry such as:

      • Tutor
      • Witness or Mentor
      • Practice manager
      • Dental technician
      • Dental hygienist
      • Dental therapist
      • Dentist