Oral Health Education Course Information

NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education

An oral health educator has an important and valuable role within a dental practice to promote good oral health care and work with patients to help prevent oral disease.

The NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education is specifically designed to equip a dental nurse wishing to develop professionally to become an oral health educator, with the knowledge and skills required to be able to effectively deliver oral health care messages, educate various patient groups and have the ability to adapt information and communication to the specific needs of the patient.

NEBDN post registration course – Oral Health Education:

Course start date: Start learning the same day when you join.

Who’s it for: Registered dental nurses who wish to further their knowledge and specialise in Oral Health Education, enabling them to take a more active role in the promotion of Oral Health.

Record of Competence: You will be required to complete a work-based Record of Competence (RoC). There are three sections to the RoC.

Course Duration: 6 Months.

Study Method:
Online/remote via Zoom, WhatsApp and our Online Students Hub.

One lesson per month (3 hours). One-to-one classes are also available on demand.

Awarding Body: National Exam Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN).

NEBDN Course Syllabus: FULL version of the NEBDN Oral Health Education Syllabus

Course Fee:
£900 (excludes NEBDN examination fee).

Exam Fee: £205 (not included in the course price). NEBDN Exam Information

Exam dates: March or September.

Finance: You can choose to pay monthly.


  • Already GDC registered
  • Have the support of a GDC registered dentist
  • Have access to radiographic equipment necessary to complete the Portfolio.

Training in Oral Health Education: Intended Learning Outcomes

The following syllabus is designed to provide Dental Nurses with the educational experience,
including the knowledge, critical understanding, intellectual skills, practical skills and personal attitude to enable them to provide effective oral health education for dental patients.

On successful completion of the programme, dental nurses should be able to:

Knowledge and critical understanding:

  • Demonstrate skills in the management and delivery of oral health education, and the development of oral health promotion programmes for a range of groups of people.

Intellectual skills:

  • Provide an insight into the scientific basis of oral health promotion and oral health education and to develop an understanding of the link between general health and oral health.

Practical skills:

  • Proficient in the design and delivery of appropriate, individual oral health care plans to prevent/minimise the effects of oral disease.
  • Provide comprehensive oral care using the most appropriate treatment modality.

Personal attitude:

  • Empathise with patients and demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with patients, parents, carers and colleagues.

Dental Nurses: Certificate in Oral Health Education








Post-Registration in Oral Health Education Reading List

• Advanced Dental Nursing, 2nd edition, Edited by Robert S Ireland
• The Dental Hygienist’s Guide to Nutritional Care, 3rd Edition, C Stegeman and J Davis
• Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry Edited by Hardy Limeback
• Basic Guide to Oral Health Promotion, 2nd Edition, Ann Felton Alison Chapman and Simon Felton
• Delivering Better Oral Health, 3rd Edition, Public Health England
• The Scientific Basis of Oral Health Education, 7th Edition by C Stillman-Lowe and R Levine
• Oral Health Education, Kimbrough and Henderson ISBN 013109518
• Nutrition, Diet and Oral Health, Gunn Rugg and Nunn ISBN 0192629379
• Holistic Oral Care. A guide for Health Professionals, Griffiths and Boyle ISBN 095414526
• Managing Oral Health Care Delivery, Ganssle ISBN 0827355327
• Communication and the Dental Team, E.J Kay and S.R Tinsley ISBN 978 0954614515
• Standards for the Dental Team www-gdc-uk.org
• Questions and Answers in Oral Health Education, Chloe Foxhall and Anna Lown. ISBN: 9781119647270


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JYOTHSNA Sunnapurallapalli
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Silpa Mahe
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