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When to complete Records of Experience (RoE)

Records of Experience (RoE) must be completed by ALL students otherwise you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Step by step guide for students:

  1. Join the NEBDN accredited course
  2. Join Zoom classes and complete “Learning Modules” on our website while at the same time looking for a placement as a trainee dental nurse.
  3. When you get a trainee placement – start working on your RoE. Without a placement (practical experience) you won’t be able to fill in the RoEs and get them signed off by your Witness (dentist who is observing your work).
  4. In order to register a student for the next upcoming exam, we have to pay 485 pounds to the NEBDN. This means, the student must pay us first, and then we can transfer that fee to the NEBDN. The exam fee of 485 pounds must be paid either in one full payment or in monthly payments, this can be discussed individually. 
  5. Within 28 days of your registration, the PebblePad team will create an online account for each student and provide students with the login details via email individually.
  6. You can start working on your RoEs via PebblePad account.
  7. We are constantly monitoring each student’s lesson attendance, RoE completion and Learning Modules completion on our website. If we do not see sufficient progress, we reserve the right to delay student’s examination until everything is completed.

NOTE: You are welcome to fill in the old RoE forms on word document and then transfer them to your PebblePad account later on. To fully complete all units of RoE/PebblePad you will need up to 6 months. We urge students to start working on the RoE as soon as they get a placement.

Download all units of RoE on word document – here

Sample on how to complete RoE – here


The new online platform for RoE has been published in April 2020 and must be used by all students. This means that old RoE in word document form is not acceptable by the NEBDN. If you have old RoE docs, you can transfer all the information to the online PebblePad account.

As soon as we register students for the NEBDN dental nurses exam they will receive an e-mail directly from the PebblePad team within 28 days.

We will be able to see your progress and provide feedback on individual progress of each student.

There are in depth guides on how to use PebblePad inside you account.

To login to PebblePad follow this link:

How to:

  • How to upload previously completed RoE (Word documents) to PebblePad – Here
  • How to use PebblePad – Here
  • How to complete RoC (Record of Competence) – Here
  • Information for Witnesses – Here


Once you start working in a clinic, every student must download SLA and TPMF forms. 

Once downloaded, please hand it over to your Witness (Dentist who is observing your work) at your practice/clinic to be completed.

Once completed, please send it back to us on

TPMF Download link

SLA Download link

Witness Toolkit

In line with NEBDN’s accreditation standards, all Students undertaking training towards the National Diploma in Dental Nursing or a Post Registration qualification are required to complete a formative work-based assessment portfolio called the Record of Experience (RoE), or Record of Competence (RoC).

The joint completion of these documents by the Course Provider, Student and the Witness enables the workplace team to become an integral part of the training of the dental nurse.

Witness Toolkit