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You can start completing RoEs on a word document and afterwards transfer it to the PebblePad (online RoE)

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Supplementary Outcome Appendix B

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Records of Experience – eRoE – PebblePad

What is the Record of Experience (RoE) ?

Candidates undertaking training towards NEBDN’s National Diploma in Dental Nursing are required to complete a work-based assessment portfolio called the Record of Experience (RoE).

Included in the RoE there are a number of tasks based on the role of a qualified dental nurse. Candidates need to complete these tasks in the workplace whilst being observed by a GDC registrant who acts as a ‘Witness’.

It’s a work-based assessment portfolio, in other words practical assignments that have to be completed before a student is allowed to take the Dental Nurses exams.

Who completes RoE?

Every student must complete their personal RoE, otherwise they will not be allowed to take the exam. Records of Experience (RoE) must be fully completed and submitted on PebblePad no later than 4 weeks before the exam. Consult Aida for more information and details. Please note: the RoE must be completed gradually during your course.

When to complete RoE?

Students must start completing the RoE (practical assignments) as soon as they start working as a trainee dental nurse. RoE are completed on the PebblePad platform.

Exam preparation:

  • Records of Experience (RoE) must be fully completed and submitted on PebblePad no later than 4 weeks before the exam. Consult Aida for more information and details.
  • Each student must complete and pass every Mock Exam in the “Exam Preparation” (blue section) at least once, before they can sit the actual exam.

What is PebblePad?

It’s an online platform for RoE and must be used by all students. RoE in word document form is not accepted by the NEBDN. However, students can transfer all the information from word document to the online PebblePad account.

How to get PebblePad?

In order to get PebblePad, student must be registered for the NEBDN Dental Nurses exam. Once a student is registered, they will receive an e-mail containing login details from the PebblePad team within 28 days.

To register a student for the exams we need the exam fee of £485 to be paid to Dental Tutors bank account.

Who checks students PebblePad?

We (course provider) will be able to see each student’s progress and provide feedback and guidance directly on PebblePad online platform.

Internal Moderator – person who checks all RoE after the course provider and before final submission to the NEBDN.

NOTE: We are constantly monitoring each student’s lesson attendance, RoE completion and Learning Modules completion on our website. If we do not see sufficient progress, we reserve the right to delay student’s examination until everything is completed.

What is SLA and TPFM?

The purpose of SLA – Service Level Agreement – is to formalise the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the delivery of training and assessment for Dental Nurses working towards the National Diploma in Dental Nursing. SLA sets out the guiding principles necessary for the establishment of an effective training and working environment consistent with health and safety legislation, NEBDN mandated documentation and current GDC guidelines.

The purpose of TPMF – Training Practice Monitoring Form is to ensure that students have continued access to a suitable clinical learning environment. It is the Course Providers responsibility to ensure effective provision of clinical training is provided by Employers/Clinical Placements.

Once a student starts working in a clinic, they must download SLA and TPMF forms.

Once downloaded, please hand it over to your Witness to be completed. Witness is a Dentist who is observing your work at your practice/clinic.

Once completed, please send it back to

TPMF Download link

SLA Download link

How long does it take to complete RoE?

There are 5 Units which take averagely about 6 months to complete. Each Unit has to be completed gradually and your witness must sign as soon as possible, otherwise RoE will become invalid. Students should aim to complete 1 unit per month.

Unit 1 – 13 assignments

Unit 2 – 8 assignments

Unit 3 – 13 assignments

Unit 4 – 20 assignments

Unit 5 – 11 assignments

What happens if a student doesn’t complete RoE in time?

Those who fail to complete the RoE in time will be automatically moved to the next exam.

Note: Every student must complete the course and pass the examination within 18 months of the course start date. For example, if your course started in September 2021, you must complete it and take the first exam in November 2022 (written exam) and the second exam in January 2023 (OSCE exam). If you are not ready to take the exams,  do not complete the RoE by the deadline, or decide to take the exam later, then the monthly course fee will be applied, as well as the administrative charges to the NEBDN.

Administrative fees and deferral fees (in case you decide to take the exam later or your RoE is not completed by the deadline):

  • Change the Written exam date – £30
  • Change the OSCE exam date – £150

Re-sit fees (if you fail the exam):

  • Written exam – £150
  • OSCE exam – £300

More information about the NEBDN fees and exams

Useful information:

Guidance on RoE and PebblePad

How to use PebblePad – Here

There are also in depth guides on “how to” inside student’s PebblePad account.

How to upload previously completed RoE (Word documents) to PebblePad – Here

Information for Witnesses – Here


If you have any questions or not sure about something, please contact Aida on 07969347015 or


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