We are innovative service providers based in London. We create 3D animations and visual material about dentistry. Our unique product will help people around the world to better visualise and understand dental treatments, microbiology, anatomy and medical emergencies. Our students will have much more efficient learning experience and will perform better in the exams. Our visuals are scientifically accurate and easy to understand. We cover the whole NEBDN course syllabus and work along their guidelines. Ultimately, we aim to replace textbooks completely and bring dental education to 21st century.
Course Info
We work in partnership with Dental Nurse College. If you wish to get more information visit www.dentalnursecollege.com or contact us at the bottom of this page.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Health & Safety.
  2. Emergencies in the Dental Surgery.
  3. Structure of a Tooth.
  4. Microbiology & Infection Control.
  5. Dental Materials & Equipment.
  6. Regional & General Anatomy.
  7. Radiography.
  8. Orthodontics.
  9. Oral Surgery.
  10. Removable Prosthesis.
  11. Paediatric Dentistry.
  12. Restorative Dentistry.
  13. Oral Disease & Prevention.
  14. Local/General Anaesthesia & Sedation.
  15. Statutory Registration & Teamwork.
  16. Professionalism.
  17. Charting.
  18. Record Keeping.
  19. Communication.
  20. Patient Management & Care.
  21. Gerodontology.


• You must be 16 years of age or above.

• You do not need any specific academic qualifications to begin studying and working as a trainee dental nurse. However, we prefer you to have some GCSEs, including English. Your skills and general suitability for the work are also important.

• Applications are welcomed from all UK or EU nationals, and international students subject to visa status.

Duration: 1 Year.
Lessons: 1 session of 3 hours weekly.
Location: Chelsea Academy, Lots Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0AB (Dental Nurse College is run independantly to Chelsea Academy).
Who's it for: Adult Learners (16+).
Awarding Body: National Exam Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN).
Fees: £1400 (excludes NEBDN examination fees)

We will provide:
  1. Full support during the studies.
  2. Basic Life Training certificate.
  3. First Aid certificate.