NEBDN Dental Nurses Exam Details

Dental Nurses must pass 2 exams in order to get the qualification:

1. Written Exam (theory) is a 2 hour multiple choice questions exam containing 100 questions. Written exams are taken either in April or November.

2. OSCE Exam (practical) – divided into 2 assessments:

First assesment – the candidates will be required to describe verbally the steps they would take to complete a procedure or give patient advice. This will last about 40 minutes.

Second assessment – the candidates will be asked to select the correct instruments for a certain procedure, to put the steps of process in the correct order and interpreting dental charts. Candidates will be given a maximum of 1 hour.

OSCES exams are taken either in January or June.

When a student wants to register for the Dental Nurses exam, they must request us (the course provider) to register you.

To register for the exam fee of £485 pounds has to be transferred to our account. NEBDN do not accept any payments from students. Full exam fee has to be transferred to course provider’s (Dental Tutors) account and we will make the payment to the NEBDN.

Exam dates can be found here

Note: Every student must complete the course and pass the examination within 18 months of the course start date. For example, if your course started in September 2021, you must complete it and take the first exam in November 2022 (written exam) and the second exam in January 2023 (OSCE exam). If you are not ready to take the exams,  do not complete the RoE by the deadline, or decide to take the exam later, then the monthly course fee will be applied, as well as the administrative charges to the NEBDN.

Administrative fees and deferral fees (in case you decide to take the exam later or your RoE is not completed by the deadline):

  • Change the Written exam date – £30
  • Change the OSCE exam date – £150

Re-sit fees (if you fail the exam):

  • Written exam – £125
  • OSCE exam – £300

More information about the NEBDN fees and exams